Wednesday, September 10, 2014

August In Pictures

I was away like always for the summer, I went to Luxembourg spending some family time.
Although is summer I didn't go to the beach... yet. I guess I am always skipping that and the weather is not at its best.

For The Glory Concert  @ Fantasma, Cais do Sodré // Abandoned Place @ Cacilhas // Primal Attack Concert @Fantasma, Cais do Sodré // Look of the Day // Memories at my grandma's house // Photoshoot with Nádia and Lilly Gash // Drowned // Ponte 25 Abril from Cacilhas sight // Abandoned Place @ Cacilhas

Church @ Luxembourg // Street @ Luxembourg // Time for Shopping @ Luxembourg // Time For Shopping part II // GTA V car // Old elemetery school of my Bro @ Luxembourg // Cozy Sunday Film "You're Next" // Dumb Look // My Bro and I

Shopping Time part III // City Hall of Esch // Shopping with Mom and Rain // Architecture Details // Architecture Details II // New Lovely Shoes // Half of Dreams // City Lights // Going Away

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


A month ago I went to Sintra assisting in a photoshoot. It was so much fun cause we use smoke bombs and I never tried before, so I was there holding the smoke bomb and shaking my arm like "I don't know what I am doing!" xD but the final result was pretty cool.
You can see it here Nadia Dias Photo - Red Moon Dragon

I love Sintra, it is a place that I could be there forever, lost in the woods... everything is so beautiful, so magical... I wish one day live near by. There I feel like home 

Temple of the moon from the roman period.


Monday, August 11, 2014

Lilithium Shop Collaboration

Hello Pretty Ladies!

Today I am going to introduce you an online shop with handmade jewelry and organic products.
Lilithium Shop is a Portuguese based store who ships worldwide. 
Although they started only with Victorian inspiration for their collections, now days you can find different themes like a Kawaii Collection and their new Occult Eyes Collection in which I was asked to collaborate.
You can find them also at Anime Events, they were at Iberanime 2014 and they will be at Asian Culture Party 2014. You are more than welcome to show up and give some love.
This photos belongs to Lilithium Shop, Miss Alice (Me) and Nádia Dias Photo (who was asked to collaborate as well).

The Occult Eyes Collection:
Occult eyes Hair Clips - 6,95€ plus shipping
Occult Eyes Ring - 2,75€ plus shipping
Occult Eyes Bracelet - 5,95€ plus shipping

They also sell oils for hair and skin, Macassar Oil (used in the Victorian and Edwardian times as a hair conditioner) and Miracle Oil. If you want more information about this please check their facebook page (I will link below).
I tested both oils since I change my hair color very often and use lighteners. Both oils are really good conditioners and I use them specially on my dry ends and they also avoid split ends.

I also purchased some cute hairclips!



Thursday, July 10, 2014

Life in Dots

This is quite a late post... back from May the 1st!
Me and Nádia decided to enjoy the holiday and take a walk at Belém gardens and see the temporary exhibition of Publicity/Advertising Art from the 20th century called "O Consumo Feliz" ("Happy Consumption") and the permanent exhibition (1960-2010) at Berardo Museum. Berardo Museum is all about contemporary art and the most known in Lisbon. If you are a contemporary art lover you must visit this museum... plus, the entrance is free. It was probably my fourth time here!
And like I said in a previous post I decided to change my look, so this was the beginning of it. I have to say now I have this hair cut, but I am blonde (I am preparing a post about it).
At the end of the day, nothing tastes better than a cappucino from Starbucks and a sushi dinner which is not included here :)
Play Time!!!!

I honestly don not remember the name of the artist or the work, I am just going to say I had a good time playing around in this "blue room" so to speak:

Am I smiling??? I often do not smile in pictures because I do not like my teeth, but Nádia told a bad anecdote while photographing xD

Dress: PRIMARK | Tights: PRIMARK | Sneakers: C&A

Bracelets and Rings: PRIMARK and CLAIRE'S | Sunglasses: H&M | Backpack: PRIMARK

Friday, June 27, 2014

Head Up! For The Summer Tour'14 - ARCHITECTS + MORE THAN A THOUSAND + The Year + Martyr Defiled (República da Música - Lisboa)

I don't even know how to start this shit!!!
My brain is still in coma after these mental insane live performances last saturday (21th of June)! I have been dying for this day to come, lately I got totally addicted to Architects last album LOST FOREVER // LOST TOGETHER and I have a pure love for my homies More Than A Thousand!
And I fucking loved all of the bands performances, was so cool, so out of control, I just love to go to concerts and have a fucking good time, singing and jumping all the way through! This time I tried not to go to the pit, since there was people doing slam dance, which I am fucking afraid of that shit, I saw a kid taking a big kick in their face when one was slam dancing o.O fuck!!! I can deal with mosh, but not with crazy people slam dancing and kicking in someones face!!!
Overall República da Música was full, but not crazy full like last time I was there to see Chaos Tour with Hatebreed, The Exploited and Napalm Death. Of course it was hot like always, they really should considerate to renew the room with better conditions.  

First band playing were the British Martyr Defiled, I didn't know them but... The frontman was insane, never stopped, I totally enjoyed their performance and energie. 

Second were the Portuguese The Year, didn't know as well... though loved them, they really prepared the audience for what was next ;_;

"CROSS MY HEART AND HOPE TO DIE" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

More Than A Thousand don't need a introduction, the show was INSANE!!!!! I have never felt so happy, I love them so much, everything was so cool, the sound was good, all the guitars, the voice, the drums... that was kind of perfect!!! GOD, I just jumped so much, giving the fucking horns... I even knew all the fucking lyrics xD so.... I felt like a little kid playing with a toy!
The setlist was ok, although they missed a few songs I wished they had played, it felt a little bit on a rush sometimes, but when you have a several bands playing in one night, that kind of happens.

Last but not least, ARCHITECTS!!!!!
Yes, they were flawless!!!!!! Everything sounded flawless!!! Was so fucking awesome ;_; they were incredibly synchronized, I wasn't expecting that! I watched a few videos on YouTube of their live performances and sometimes his voice went down and I have to say, Sam Carter pulled so right on this show, I got mesmerized by his quality and the quality of all the elements of the band and their sound together. Fucking perfect for a metalcore/post-hardcore whatever genre you want to describe them, band.
Once again, was incredible, I was so near of the stage, I can even look at the Sam Carter eyes *:* so beautiful! Jumping all together and singing, was such a cool vibe and Sam got really impressed with us, after all it was their first time in Portugal and I think he didn't expect such a warm reception by us, he didn't expect that we sing along all the time, was a really special show.
Short on time as well, a few songs were left behind, but still, they played the right ones!

  1. Encore:

More live photos here: